Eco Challenge – Day Twenty-One

Eco Challenge Day 21

Hi Everyone and a big warm welcome to Day 21 of the 21 Day Eco Challenge.

Congratulations for completing the challenge!  I am so proud of everyone’s efforts and have enjoyed looking at the photos and celebrating the triumphs you have achieved in your own homes. Please print your Certificate of Completion attached to this email, and display it proudly.

Together over the three weeks we have NOT added to landfill approximately:
1700 disposable coffee cups
1900 plastic bags
900 plastic water bottles

Imagine if we had more people on the challenge what we could achieve!

Today’s challenge is to share the information, the tips and what you have been doing with everyone in your circle of influence.  Also share that we will be starting the next 21 Day Eco Challenge on the 1st July and encourage those people that you know to join in.

Post your photos to the page and on Tuesday we will announce the Grand Prize Winner.

Will it be YOU?

Are you up to the challenge?

Watch this short video with your family to see how you have contributed to leaving a lighter footprint.

Thanks a bunch.

Julia x

Day 21 award


  1. I’m being more pro-active in educating the whole family about being more environmentally friendly!
    Well done Julia for this great challenge. Looking forward to the tv show!

  2. So as you can see from my comments we already do quite a bit, we live in the country and are aware of the problems humans cause to the enviroment.

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