Eco Challenge – Day One

Day One

Hi Everyone and a big warm welcome to Day 1 of the 21 Day Eco Challenge.

Each year millions of tonnes of household waste ends up in landfill, and whilst it seems like a mountain of rubbish can be a mountainous task to fix, it really starts with each one of us in our own small (or LARGE) way doing our bit to fix the problem.

Today’s challenge is to switch from your habit of buying coffee (or other beverages) in single use disposable cups to investing in a reusable, refillable option.

Are you up to the challenge?

Watch this short video with your family to see how you can walk a little lighter on the planet.

Thanks a bunch.

Julia x


    • Can’t remember the last time we used disposable cups. We take a thermos and mugs on most outings or shopping trips out of our township. However, my contribution will be to email the message to at least ten others to encourage them to adopt this alternative.

  1. If we do get a disposable cup we bring it home and plant a tree seed in it then either plant it here or give away.

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