I am no good in the morning without my dose of caffeine. Mine comes in the form of the strongest Twining’s brew, Irish Breakfast Tea but for millions of other caffeine consumers out there, they can’t function without their hit of coffee.

With coffee shops charging up to $6 a cup, is it any wonder that the Coffee Machine Industry came up with Nespresso(esk) options. No one, including the inventor of the little plastic unit that contains the custom blend George Cluny prefers, could have known how quickly and easily these little menacing machines could have taken off.

Of course as a Christmas Gift last year they became “The Thing” but the repercussions based on their consumables are akin to a K-Cup Invasion. In 2014 enough K-Cups were sold that if they were placed side by side they would encircle the planet 10.5 times!  Most of these end up in landfill as they are not biodegradable or recyclable!  It’s truly an environmental disaster.

If you have one of these machines I encourage you to discontinue it’s use before the K-Cup destroys the planet.

Take a look at this video and be afraid, be VERY afraid!

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