Eco Challenge Day 18

What’s wrong with a little bit of plastic wrap?  When I take it off my sandwich and scrunch it up it doesn’t amount to much.

But think of all the rolls of wrap that you buy in one year and multiply that by the number of families in your street, your suburb, your country and THEN it becomes a big problem!

One person’s efforts do make a difference because if we all stopped using plastic wrap and plastics in general our landfill and water ways wouldn’t be so clogged with this toxic mess that doesn’t break down for hundreds of years.

I want to introduce you to some alternatives, like glass jars, steel containers, and alternate wraps like this fabulous local product called Honeybee Wrap, an organic cotton fabric infused with bees wax and tree resin utilising the antibacterial properties of the wax and the malleability of the resin to form an attractive and eco friendly alternative to plastic wrap.


So that’s your challenge for today, to say goodbye to plastic wrap forever.  Are you up to the challenge?

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