Eco Challenge Day 16

If you ask my husband what thing I invented in my mind before it’s time, it was this, the remote controlled power outlet.  Oh if only I had the know how of how to make and market one of these little gadgets we would have been millionaires by now.  But alas, someone with more electrical skills that me beat me to it.

Standby power not only eats into your electricity usage and adds to your consumption but the ecological impact is much greater.  Because some of our appliances are hard to get at to turn them off at the wall you would benefit from owning at least one of these remote controlled power outlets that let you press a button to turn off the hard to reach DVD player or microwave oven, directly at the power point.

That’s your challenge for today.  Buy one remote controlled power outlet and place it on a hard to reach appliance that has a standby mode.  You will save at least $50 per appliance over the course of the year, and all those green house gas emissions also.

Join us for the remaining days of the 21 Day Eco Challenge by hitting the big GREEN button and subscribing.  The planet will thank you.

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