Eco Challenge Day 21

Well good job everyone for completing the 21 Day Eco Challenge.  Hopefully you have now developed some life long habits that will help you and your family walk a little lighter on the planet.

Now if you are interested in keeping the conversation going I invite you to join the Eco Everyday Facebook Group.  It’s my closed group so you have to ask me nicely if you can join but I haven’t knocked anyone back yet!  Here a group of likeminded people discuss tips and tricks they use at home to be eco friendly.  At the moment we are discussing Eco Friendly Christmas Gifts that we can give to encourage our friends and family to take some baby steps towards leaving a lighter footprint.

Here is a printable of your certificate of achievement which I hope you will print out and display proudly.  You really are a champion for participating and I am so very proud of each one of you.

Day 21 award

Of course Farewell My Manicure Web TV will be starting in September (date TBA) and if you want to stay informed about what is coming up I encourage you to click the big GREEN button and subscribe.

Until the next time!



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