Eco Challenge day 20

One of the joys of gardening is growing from seed.  You stare at the soil day after day, waiting for the first signs of green shoots to poke their heads through the earth.  The about two weeks later they are strong healthy seedlings and then some months later you can reap the rewards of the harvest.


So todays challenge is to plant the seeds you harvested days ago, or if you didn’t manage to seed save any, then go ahead and buy some heirloom seeds from The Diggers Club or your hardware store.  Plant them in a sunny spot that is convenient for your to pass daily so that you can tend to them easily and monitor their progression.


If you have trouble with little creatures digging them up or birds coming in for a feast of your seeds then here is the perfect opportunity to recycle some of those horrendous water bottles that you may have accumulated BEFORE giving up buying bottled water for good.  Carefully cut the tops off them and use them as mini green houses to protect your seeds from rodents and keep them hydrated.


Here’s a little video I made explaining the process.



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