On this zero waste journey I have learnt how to make so many products from scratch that I would have bought in plastic packaging that would have no doubt been cardboard boxed and plastic shrink-wrapped too.  I am hooked on making DIY cosmetics and so far my repertoire includes:

DIY Deodorant – never buying regular, store bought deodorant again, mine is so much better and cheaper!

DIY Toothpaste – the jury is still out on this one.  I love it but my teeth are very sensitive.

DIY Lip Balm – love, love, love it!

And other products for the home:

DIY Cleaning products – never going back, no no no!

DIY Liquid Soap – super cheap and easy to do.

DIY Beeswax wraps – beautiful, a great gift and no more plastic wrap!

DIY Bread Bags and Produce Bags – once you have made these they last and last.

DIY Totes – Totes great!

Anyway, here is my video showing you how to make the beeswax lip balm.  I bought the shoe butter in bulk (even though it came delivered in a big plastic tub which I am sure I will reuse for laundry powder or something), from Australian Wholesale Oils, and it was SO MUCH CHEAPER than buying at the health food store.


Just a side note that beetroot food colouring is not fat soluble so as the lip balm is cooling use a chopstick or spoon to swish and swirl the teaspoon full of coloured water through the product to disperse it.

Happy cooking!


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