I’m affectionately known as the Chook Whisperer in our house.  When I call out the buck, buck, buck, the little girls come running from all parts of the acreage.  So when one doesn’t show up, I tend to worry that she isn’t coming home.  But thankfully in this case she was only dutifully minding her eggs, hoping they would hatch and she would become a mum.  With no rooster in sight at our place, this is a futile pastime for our chickens but no amount of whispering to her will dissuade her from her task.  So what do you do if you have a clucky chicken? Check out this week’s episode of Farewell My Manicure TV.

For many years I thought that beetroot was only found swimming in vinegar in a can!  Now that I grow my own I am astounded by the uses for this beautiful root vegetable.  A favourite in our house is the beetroot and chocolate cake, so when I plant the seeds of beetroot I make sure there are going to be plenty for salads, roasting and for making deserts.

The compost heap is home this week to our new pet python.  Each day he can be seen sunning himself as he gradually digests his feed of rodents.  I make sure I go and have a chat with him each day so that he is aware of me being around and I am very thankful that he is here to keep our rodent population under control.

How many litres of water are lost each and every time you brush your teeth and leave the tap running?  Would you believe it is ten litres, which is as much water as some people in third world countries have to use in a month.  That’s even more reason to turn off the tap each and every time.

Thank you for joining us again this week.  I hope you enjoy Episode Eight of Farewell My Manicure TV.


episode eight

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