At a time when consumerism well, um, consumes us, it’s lovely to know that some innovative thinkers out there are focusing on the planet, sustainability and cuteness all at the same time.

Such an innovative company is Sprout.  They have found a way to incorporate a seed inside the end of your pencil so that once you have finished sharpening it down to a stub, you can put it in a pot and water it and the seed will Sprout and grow a vegetable seedling, a herb or any number of other plants of your choosing.  What a wonderful idea!  You can buy a pack that is a dedicated herb garden, the coloured pencil set has a combination of flowers, veggies and herbs.  Such clever thinking!

I’m suggesting this would make such a lovely Christmas gift for a budding artist in your family whilst teaching sustainability and fostering a love of gardening all at the same time.


Here is their promotional video.  Check them out at

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