Episode Two!

On this week’s episode we look at growing a member of the brassica family, I do a bit of DIY in the shed to make something for my kitchen and we look at how easy it can be to recycle.


Hope you will join us on Farewell My Manicure TV every week at 6pm.

Here’s the recipe for Chicken and Broccoli that I refer to in the video.  Given to me by my Mum it is simple and tasty.  Enjoy!

Broccoli & Chicken Casserole

brocolli chicken recipe

And here is the recycling printable to stick on your recycling bin.

Recycling printable

Hope you enjoy tonights episode.

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Episode One !!!!!!!


Welcome to Farewell My Manicure WebTV.  This short program features segments on Sustainability, DIY Projects and Growing Vegetables for your family.

Please enjoy!

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Web TV Show starts Saturday night at 6pm!

Grab a glass of bubbly and join me as I launch my new WebTV Show this Saturday night at 6pm on

If you are wondering what is going to be on the show, we have three segments to share with you this week. So there is something for everyone!
DOWN & DIRTYAs you know I love my garden and growing fresh fruit and veggies for my family gives me so much joy.  I want to share the joy with you, through the segment “Get Down & Dirty in the Garden” where I will talk about everything from what to plant and how to harvest, to container gardens, urban gardens and permaculture.  Perhaps there is something you would like to know more about.  Please drop me a line at with you suggestions.
PTFP SLIDEThere are already a lot of great DIY shows on TV, but not every girl knows how to use a power tool and is game enough to give it a go.  In the segment “Power Tools for Princesses” I look at showing you how to do some great DIY, renovating, recycling and up cycling using some tools that yo needn’t be frightened of.
SIMPLESUBURBANSUSTAINABILITYTIPS SLIDEOne of my goals is to see more people living a sustainable lifestyle and thereby leaving a lighter footprint.  Some times the enormity of what we have done to the environment leaves us paralysed.  Not knowing what to do to fix the problem can be daunting.  In the segment “Simple Suburban Sustainability Tips” I take you through the little things you can implement in your home to walk lighter on the planet one baby step at a time.
I hope you can join me this Saturday, but if you can’t you can always view the show at another time because of the power of the internet!

Coffee Capsule Crisis

I am no good in the morning without my dose of caffeine. Mine comes in the form of the strongest Twining’s brew, Irish Breakfast Tea but for millions of other caffeine consumers out there, they can’t function without their hit of coffee.

With coffee shops charging up to $6 a cup, is it any wonder that the Coffee Machine Industry came up with Nespresso(esk) options. No one, including the inventor of the little plastic unit that contains the custom blend George Cluny prefers, could have known how quickly and easily these little menacing machines could have taken off.

Of course as a Christmas Gift last year they became “The Thing” but the repercussions based on their consumables are akin to a K-Cup Invasion. In 2014 enough K-Cups were sold that if they were placed side by side they would encircle the planet 10.5 times!  Most of these end up in landfill as they are not biodegradable or recyclable!  It’s truly an environmental disaster.

If you have one of these machines I encourage you to discontinue it’s use before the K-Cup destroys the planet.

Take a look at this video and be afraid, be VERY afraid!

Little Crop Circles

As you know I have my very own Crop Circles that are my concrete raised garden beds, so when I came across this video it got me in straight away.

Check out my Crop Circle post here.


I think that this method of watering would be perfect for my particular garden beds in fact any circular container will definitely benefit from having the water directly at the source rather than wasting litres of water from the overspray of most sprinkler systems.

They claim that just a 30 second burst of water delivered in this fashion per day will be enough to grow 50 or more plants in the circle which is a fraction of the water usage via conventional irrigation. On the larger scale, the company promises that a single acre of crops planted with the larger Little Crop Circles devices can match the production of a 5-acre farm, which may allow small farmers to be more competitive and more profitable.

What do you think?  Take a look at the short video and let me know.

Plant this Movie

I can’t tell you how much joy I experience growing my own veggies in my own backyard. It is only surmounted by the euphoria I feel when I can make an entire meal from my own home grown produce.

In fact one of the reasons I first started writing Farewell My Manicure was my desire to share this feeling with my friends and family and inspire them to do some veggie gardening themselves.

Fast forward to the next generation and we will be in a very big food crisis, so now more than ever the movement of Urban Gardens need to ramp it up!

Take a look at this great trailer for the film “Plant this Movie” directed by film maker Karney Hatch and narrated by Darryl Hannah. The movie itself is available for streaming for $2.99 and download for $5.99 right now!

I hope you are inspired to make the most of the space you have at home and grown some food for your family (and friends and neighbours).

Get This Prescription Filled at your local Forest

In a world where our children grow up staring at screens rather than laying on a forest floor staring at the clouds, nature needs it’s own publicist.

When kids drive remotes rather than billy carts, slouch on sofas rather than climbing trees, build mine craft cities rather than tree houses, nature needs it’s own advertisement.

While young people text and snap chat rather than talk to each other, pet animals on Farmville but never touch real feathers or fur, use an apple rather than picking one from a tree and eating it, nature needs some media attention.

So some clever people have come up with this… enjoy!

Share the video with a friend or family member.  Not only will they get a chuckle but also maybe a bit of motivation to get outside this week and experience Nature for themselves.

9 Easy Ways to use Less Plastic

Oh I dream about a day when we can live a zero waste life.  I know some people out there are getting very close but it seems that even though we as a family are very environmentally conscious we are still fighting an up hill battle to try to reduce our waste products in the hopes of leaving a lighter footprint on the planet.

It can be a daunting prospect to live without producing any waste, but rest assured that ANY effort you make will have a positive impact on the environment.

Every year over 6 million tonnes of rubbish is dumped into the worlds oceans, 80% of which is plastics with a further 10% of this being plastic bags!  Here in Australia only 3% of our plastic grocery bags are recycled, and even if you reuse them as bin liners they still end up choking up the waste management system and filling up our landfill.

And water bottles…. don’t get me started on water bottles!  Although plastic bottles are recyclable many end up in landfill and they take almost 1000 years to break down.

With plastics being such a monumental problem, what can you (just one person) hope to do to make a difference?

Well, let’s just start by following these nine simple ways to help reduce your plastic usage.


Sprouting Pencils!

At a time when consumerism well, um, consumes us, it’s lovely to know that some innovative thinkers out there are focusing on the planet, sustainability and cuteness all at the same time.

Such an innovative company is Sprout.  They have found a way to incorporate a seed inside the end of your pencil so that once you have finished sharpening it down to a stub, you can put it in a pot and water it and the seed will Sprout and grow a vegetable seedling, a herb or any number of other plants of your choosing.  What a wonderful idea!  You can buy a pack that is a dedicated herb garden, the coloured pencil set has a combination of flowers, veggies and herbs.  Such clever thinking!

I’m suggesting this would make such a lovely Christmas gift for a budding artist in your family whilst teaching sustainability and fostering a love of gardening all at the same time.


Here is their promotional video.  Check them out at

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