Day Two – How are you!

Day Two

Hi Everyone!

It’s day 2 of the 21 Day Eco Challenge and today is about recycling.

We are so lucky in Australia as the majority of us have easy access to curb side recycling through our City Councils.  Other smaller towns have places they can take their recycling to which are close at hand and yet we send enough tin cans to landfill each year to make 40,000 fridges!  Crazy!

So today’s challenge is to learn what goes into the recycling bin and practice recycling each and every day.  I have a printable which is appropriate for this area but you local council’s website is bound to have one too.  So print it out and paste it to the front of the bin in you house and teach everyone what goes in it and what goes in the normal household waste bin.

Recycling printable

Are you up for the challenge?

If you would like tips like this (and a short video of me telling you same) direct to your inbox every day for the next 19 days then just click the big green button and sign up.  It’s that easy to make small changes to walk a little lighter on the planet.

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Free Food and My Amazing Poo Plant!


I posted this picture on my Instagram account the other day and a comment from one of my followers who wanted to know more about FREE FOOD prompted this blog post.

You see I love free food!  I practice the frugal art of seed saving from every vegetable that I prepare for dinner that has seeds hidden inside. They are meticulously scraped out, dried in the sun and packed into labeled envelopes or planted out in cartons, pots or trays on the window sill.

And you should also see my Amazing Poo Plant!  Firstly you need to know that I have not had any luck growing tomatoes, the regular kind that you chop up for salsa, slice for a sandwich and fry up with bacon and eggs, although the cherry kind grow all over the place with gay abandon.  Those big, juicy, ruby, orbs of deliciousness start out strong and one by one the leave go yellow and drop off,  just about right when the first yellow flowers start to open signalling the promise of fruit to come.  BUT, I have the most healthy, beanstalk-esk tomato plant that just “happened” all by itself from what I imagine was the defecation of a passing winged delivery bird.  This plant defies the gardening laws of care and attention, regular watering and fertilising.  It exists because it wants to, and has so far approximately thirty, large and still slightly underripe tomatoes dangling from its limbs.  That’s the sort of free food I love!


Another free food that we can all get our hands on, comes from the re-sprouting of many store or market bought produce that come complete with its own set of roots attached.  Veggies like hydroponically grown lettuce, celery, shallots/spring onions, leeks, fresh herbs once harvested and used for cooking their nether regions still in tact can be stuck in a shallow glass of water and left for a week on the window sill to see if they will regrow.  Once that fact is established and there are at least some leaves or stalks left to aid photosynthesis, they can be planted out in the garden to go on producing more precious free food!.

Bulbs like garlic and ginger, once they start to sprout can be placed in shallow soil and if tended to will produce prolifically.

Rosemary in particular can grow from a cutting and boy if you want some of that then give me a call because I have the largest healthiest rosemary growing in my herb garden that is just about due for a haircut.  Instead of going out and buying expensive rooting compound to dunk the cut ends in, try organic honey!  Apparently (surely because of some scientific principle) some miraculous transformation happens and the rosemary will sprout roots once dunked and planted in soil.


In the same space as my Amazing Poo Plant, is a pineapple top that I placed there about 18 months ago and is a massive specimen of sharp, pointed leaves, although slowly being overtaken by the huge tomato it is poised to deliver a FREE pineapple over the next six months.  I would suggest that if you want a pineapple to grow from the discarded spiky top of a store bought one, two years does seem like an inordinate amount of time to tend for it and wait, don’t you think?

Onions that have been left in a dark recess of your pantry, perhaps rolled behind a box of cereal and got themselves lost, once discovered with green stalk sprouting can be planted in the ground and will produce a fluffy white flower at the end of a metre long stalk that if you wait until it dries can be cut off, wrapped in a paper bag and shaken to produce hundreds of seeds which are potentially hundreds of FREE onion plants.


So there you have it, perhaps you have stories of some free food experiments of your own.  If so then please share in the comments so we can all learn something.  If not then give some of these ones I’ve listed a try.  Anything lovingly homegrown tastes far more sweeter than those that come from the store and you get to get down and dirty in the garden, one of my favourite pastimes.

Attention Fellow Humans!


The next 21 Day Eco Challenge is fast approaching and I want to enlist the help of my


to get the word out there.

I would love you to encourage your friends and family to hit the BIG GREEN BUTTON on this web site or head over to the Facebook page to sign up.

Over 21 Days I share 21 Simple Suburban Sustainability tips that are easy to do and aren’t going to cost you lots of money (in fact they will save you some) and they will help you and your family to leave a lighter footprint on the planet.

I’m also excited to collaborate with people who have an Eco Friendly product or service that they would like to donate for the weekly and Grand Prize Winners of the “Photograph your Eco Triumphs” competition.


Your product will be featured on:

– this web site

-the Facebook Page

– the Facebook Group

– and you will be credited (and possibly interviewed) on the upcoming webTV show starting in mid September!

Now that’s a lot of BANG for your buck!

So if you are an Eco Friendly business please get in touch as I would love to hear from you.  You can reach me via email on

Thanks in advance for all your help, the planet will thank you. 🙂

Where Have you Been?

It seems like forever since I wrote a full blog post, in fact since I wrote anything.

“Where have you been?”  I hear you ask.

Well I have had the most wonderful whirlwind experience of learning, connecting, inspiring, communicating with a bunch of lovely like minded people all around the world!

I have just successfully lead the first Farewell My Manicure 21 Day Eco Challenge, taking a group of remarkable people through 21 different simple suburban sustainability tips, one a day, for three weeks, because, word is, it takes twenty one days to form a habit.

I personally have gone from the mindset of complacency to the mindset of Eco Everyday, so much so that I have created a Facebook group if you would like to join the conversation, stay up to date on eco friendly products and services, and if you want join the next 21 Day Eco Challenge commencing on July 1st for your chance to win weekly prizes and help leave a lighter footprint on this world we all call home.

If you are already living an eco friendly life then WE have things to learn from YOU!  If you are willing to share what you know and what you do, if you have an environmentally friendly business you want to promote, a product you would like some feedback on, or want to hear from people who do, then I invite you to join the group.

Also, I’ve been preparing for my upcoming webTV show, due to launch in September!  It’s all very exciting at Farewell My Manicure headquarters.  If you would like to be updated as things happen hit the big green button and I’ll stay in touch.

Until next time.

Julia 🙂

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